Meeting Minutes 2024/11/28

The meeting achieved an enthusiastic quorum, given the fact that it was a Tuesday morning and too early for many. AGM business was painless and efficient. The big highlight was a special resolution to adjust the Objectives of the Association. Essentially, we clarified that the Association aims to benefit local community non-profits, is able to… Continue reading Meeting Minutes 2024/11/28

Meeting Minutes (AGM) 2022/11/05

The meeting achieved quorum. The President gave brief summary of the year’s achievements and challenges. – We have gotten the warning signs produced and posted, which is important for insurance. – We have also arrived at a very satisfactory solution for the plaques, which opens the way for creating a fund-raising prospectus.  – The TRAQs team have been… Continue reading Meeting Minutes (AGM) 2022/11/05

Meeting minutes 2021/12/04

Update on the RADF Signs project. Presentation of Financial report Gerda donating more bottles/cans money Pam membership Discussion of a “Plaque Prospectus” for early next year. Download Minutes

Meeting Minutes (AGM) 2021/10/12

A short, sharp Annual General Meeting to mark our first full year as an incorporated Association! Download Minutes

Meeting minutes: 2021/07/03

Small group chat (people out with flu season, Laura Festival); welcomed Glen Cambage who had good ideas about fence and signage; walked the site; proposed working bee.

Meeting minutes: 2021/04/03

Rates relief successful; website established;  logo concept adopted; fundraising ideas discussed. Download

Meeting minutes: 2021/01/09

Confirming settlement and mortgage, discussing concepts for fundraising. Download

Meeting minutes: 2020/11/07

Inaugural meeting of the committee; election of officers. Download