Working bee!

Jobs always available: ring for info...0407 471 565

Fig tree trimming: (tbd...April 2024)

All welcome to join in a celebration of moderation as we trim the Immortal Fig Tree once again!
As always, it's not either/or...it's both/and
Come along and help locate the proper balance once again for the year at hand.
Stay tuned for a date in April, weather permitting!

The Mount Molloy Boiler Block Benefit Committee is focussed on village-scale self-sufficiency.

Our foundation asset is the 1 acre site of the JM Johnston Sawmill and its heritage-listed remains.

Our organisation is open to community volunteers and supporters.

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Meeting minutes 2021/12/04

Update on the RADF Signs project. Presentation of Financial report Gerda donating more bottles/cans money Pam membership Discussion of a “Plaque Prospectus” for early next

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For more info, contact John Brisbin, 0407 471 565.