Meeting Minutes 2024/11/28


The meeting achieved an enthusiastic quorum, given the fact that it was a Tuesday morning and too early for many.

AGM business was painless and efficient. The big highlight was a special resolution to adjust the Objectives of the Association. Essentially, we clarified that the Association aims to benefit local community non-profits, is able to undertake projects in its own right, and is concerned with village scale self-sufficiency. The changes were approved unanimously.

Following the AGM, we had a wonderful pair of guests present remotely, Geroge Chapman and John “Johnno” Johnston.

George Chapman, well-known Cairns entrepreneur, calls Mount Molloy his childhood home. He enabled the purchase of the Boiler Block and he holds the mortgage (on favourable commercial terms!). George shared some memories from his childhood and expressed ongoing support for the project.

Johnno is the grandson of JM Johnston and, quite by accident, discovered our project last year. He’s a wealth of information about JM, and is an enthusiastic supporter of the man’s legacy. He provided an excellent historical snapshot and shared his thoughts about what JM’s legacy might be. In particular, he noted that JM was of the view that sawmillers had to become caretakers for the forest, cultivating a long-term relationship so that the marvelous tropical hardwoods would continue to flow to the mills. 

Thanks to both George and Johnno for their (virtual) presence at the meeting.

Attached please find the Minutes.